Welcome to Cielo Villa!


Weddings and Honeymoons

                                      Destination wedding trips are easy to coordinate on Tortola and make fabulous memories!  

Each one is different, and there are many venues and ways to celebrate.  You can get married on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world or at the villa. This can be your first wedding or your fourth, with a group of 100 or a few close friends.


We can host your rehearsal dinner or reception, or introduce you to restaurant friends.  Cielo can accommodate a sit down dinner of 20, or a buffet of 35.  Our private chef is also our manager, so events go smoothly-- we have had guests go back for thirds at our Caribbean buffets! 

Paperwork, clergy, cakes, floral arrangements (we made this one for our bride), bar provisions, etc. can all be arranged for you. 

We are often the site for the bride's family accommodations, and there are a good amount of other affordable accommodations we can help you reserve within a 10 minute drive.  We can arrange for group discounts on day trips and other activities that your family and friends might want to try, and can provision the house with food and drink whenever you wish, so there is no need to do a thing but enjoy your stay!

Honeymoons are always at a 15% discounted rate, and any following your wedding at the villa are discounted 25%.